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Wagenborg introduces online reservation system for ferry services from 1 January 2024

28 November 2023

From January 1, 2024, passengers travelling to and from Ameland and Schiermonnikoog will have the option to make online reservations for the ferry service, also if they are travelling on foot or with a bicycle or motorbike. This new service offers passengers the opportunity to plan their crossing in advance and guarantees them a departure and space on board. The reservation system offers more security and flexibility, while helping the shipping company deploy its ships more efficiently, resulting in improved accessibility of the islands.

Islanders travelling on foot do not need to make a reservation, as Wagenborg keeps special seats on board the ferry service available for islanders.

The 1 1/4-hour service between Ameland and Holwerd will be continued in 2024, with the addition of a second vessel, which will be deployed up to a low water level of -1.30 meters below NAP. This means that one ferry will have six sailings per day, both from the mainland and from the island. The second ferry will be used up to four times per day, depending on the tides. Reservations for passengers will ensure that Wagenborg is better able to optimise the available capacity, especially in the case of tidal sailings. 

Wagenborg remains committed to passenger safety and will continue the measures previously taken to ensure a safe crossing in 2024. The shipping company strives to keep the islands accessible to everyone, even under challenging circumstances.

From 28 November 2023 onwards, passengers have the option to make reservations online. The new access control system requires a number of additional adjustments at the port offices on the islands. In December, entrance gates will be installed at the Nes port office, while a temporary access control will be installed on Schiermonnikoog.

For more information about online reservations, please check the FAQ on our website: www.wpd.nl.