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Route & parking

The Lauwersoog harbour is easily accessible by car. Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten does not own a car park in Lauwersoog. In and around the harbour, there are several parking facilities of others.  


Route planner

On your route planner you can set the following address as your destination:

Zeedijk 11
NL-9976 VM  Lauwersoog

For information on roadworks and blockades on your route, please visit the website: www.vanAnaarBeter.nl.

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Parking in Lauwersoog

As we do not have a car park in Lauwersoog, we refer you to the website of Scheepspark, the car park close to the terminal.

Zeedijk 11
NL - 9976 VM Lauwersoog

Phone number: +31 519 349 139