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Where do I find notifications about departures?

  • On our website you will see current notifications in the bar at the top of the screen. Via notifications we inform you about details such as dropouts or delays.
  • You can read the same information in the terminals and on our ships on Wagenborg TV.
  • In the terminals you will see screens that show the next departures from that location. If your departure is delayed, you will see this immediately on these screens.
  • We use the departure overview on our website to communicate the expected departure time in the case of a delay.


On our ferries, you can take a maximum of 30 kg of hand luggage with you. This is the maximum you can carry through the control gates in one passing. By "hand luggage", we mean the following:

  • Suitcases
  • Bags
  • Duffel bags
  • Backpacks
  • Folding bikes (maximum 20 inch wheels), if folded.

Luggage, such as chests, tools, surfboards and the like are not considered hand luggage.

After check-in, please place your hand luggage in one of the baggage carts. The carts will await your arrival at the exit of our premises. This service is free. Please note that the luggage compartment is limited in space and that you cannot reserve space. 

If you have more than 30 kilograms of luggage or other goods, we advise you to hire a transport company.  Please contact  Ridder & de Vries Transporten. 

What can I bring along on board of the Fast Ferry Service?

The Fast Ferries have limited room for luggage. For that reasons, different rules apply compared to the regular ferry. We only allow hand luggage on board the Fast Ferries; similar to the type of luggage you can take with you on board of an airplane.

Our luggage guidelines 

  • 2 pieces of hand luggage (max. approx. 55x35x25 cm), such as backpacks, small trolley cases, handbags or shoulder bags. The hand luggage cannot occupy a seat. Where possible, keep your luggage on your lap or store it under your seat.

Want to bring larger pieces or more luggage?

Are you travelling with larger pieces or more luggage? We advise you to take the regular ferry or to contact Ridder & de Vries Transporten or Visser Transport B.V. If you decide to travel by ferry, you can use the (limited) luggage service provided.

Is a dog allowed on board of the Fast Ferry Service?

You can bring your dog along on of board the Fast Ferry. Online, you can only order these tickets in combination with a ticket for adults.

Bicycles, carts, tricyles or mobility scooters

Lost and found

What happens if you have lost or found something? We keep all objects found on board, on our sites and in our premises. Contact us via +31 88 103 1000 or send an email to verlorenofgevonden@wpd.nl.

Please state the following information in your email:

  • Your name, address and telephone number.
  • The ship and the location where you lost or found the item.
  • The date and time of the crossing.
  • A description of the object.

We recoomend you to register lost or found objects on the national website www.verlorenofgevonden.nl.

Self-service buffet on the ferries

Our ferries to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog offer an on-board self-service buffet. The catering is by Rebos (Ameland) and Rebam.(Schiermonnikoog).

Are you travelling with a group, or do you have special dietary requirements? Please contact Rebam or Rebos.


You are welcome to use the coffee machines on board our ferries to both islands and the fast ferry to Ameland. We serve coffee of the brand Wadden Espresso: a premium organic espresso coffee purchased entirely according to Max Havelaar standards. The Arabica coffee is grown according to traditional methods in Latin America.


You can make free use of our public network in our terminals, as well as on board of our ferries and fast ferry.


It is not allowed to smoke on our ships and in our buildings. Smoking is also not permitted on the outside decks.