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Questions and answers

  • When should I be at the terminal?
  • When do I have to be on board?
  • Travelling with children
  • Travelling with a dog
  • Disabled passengers
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When should I be at the terminal?

Passengers traveling without a vehicle can check in at the gates in the terminal. We advise you to be present at the terminal half an hour before departure.

When do I have to be on board?

Make sure you check in at the gates on time. You have to be on board at least five minutes before departure.

Travelling with children

Accompanied travel is free for children up to and including the age of three. Strollers and prams for transporting children are allowed on board at no extra cost. We have a special baby room on board of our ferries. The key can be collected at the self-service buffet.

Children's films are shown on the televisions in the lounge on the lower deck on the ferries to and from Ameland.

Please note. You can only buy children’s tickets in combination with adult tickets online.

Travelling with a dog

You also need to buy a ticket for your dog. Please remember to always keep your dog on the leash on our premises and on board the ferries. Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats or block the walkways.

Please note. You can only buy a dog’s ticket in combination with an adult ticket online

Disabled passengers

We also offer comfortable crossings for our disabled passengers. All our ferries have lifts and adapted toilets on board. The ferries to Schiermonnikoog are equipped with chair lifts.  Would you like to use the lift?Please let our staff at the car desk know so they can notify our on-board crew.


Do you suffer from limited mobility? You can use one of the available wheelchairs. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our employees in the terminal. You can take the wheelchair through the entry gate free of charge.