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Public transport

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Information about bus connections to Lauwersoog.

Bus route 163 of QBuzz (route Groningen - Lauwersoog - Holwerd, Ferry slip and back) and bus route 50 of Arriva (Leeuwarden - Lauwersoog, Village and back) connect with the departures to Schiermonnikoog. You can consult the departure and arrival times and bus stops for these routes on the website of QBuzz and Arriva.

Outside the holiday periods, the bus transport to and from Groningen (QBuzz) does not connect with all departures. You can find information on the website of QBuzz or by calling +31 (0)900 728 9965. In some cases, connecting bus transport can be arranged via Regiotaxi. For that purpose, you must call +31 (0)900 0911 one hour in advance (local rate).

More information about connecting bus transport can be found on the website of 9292.

Transport on Schiermonnikoog

Buses and taxis are available on Schiermonnikoog to transport you to your destination. You can also rent bicycles on the island.

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