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Do I need to book crossings for people only?

No, this is not necessary. There is plenty of space available. If you are travelling without a vehicle, you cannot reserve tickets for a specific crossing or day for yourself or your fellow passengers. 

Buy your ticket online.

Order your ticket for the ferry online in advance, so you won’t need to queue up at the ticket counter. You can choose the period you wish to buy a ticket for: the basic period, from January to March and from October to December, or for the summer period from April to September. The price of your ticket is determined by the period. The ticket is valid for all sailings in the period selected by you.

Tickets for the fast ferry service can be ordered online too. For the fast ferry service you make a booking for a seat on board at specific date and time.

Can I buy a single journey?

You always book the fast ferry per single journey.  A ticket for the ferry service is always a return ticket. You don’t need to show your ticket again on the return journey from the island. 

How is a payment via credit card handled?

Did you pay for your order with a credit card? A succesful credit card transaction will be charged directly to your card.

Cancelling or changing vehicle reservations

Changing or cancelling a reservation or group registration can be done online or by our Customer Serivce


It is also possible to take a truck on a ferry crossing. Due to limited available space, the truck’s dimensions are maximum:

Is your truck higher or heavier? Please contact us well in advance. We would be happy to help you find a solution. Trucks with cargo heavier than the legal limits will be refused passage.

Special crossings for hazardous substances

We schedule special crossings for the transport of hazardous substances. Please contact us well in advance to discuss the available options.